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War of words between Shaan and Mawra Hocane does not end!

The latest Bollywood flick Phantom, which was banned in Pakistan, caused quite a furor in the country. Saif Ali Khan’s statements further caused conflagration, as Pakistanis spoke out against the depiction of Pakistan as a safe haven for terrorists. Shaan Shahid and Mawra Hocane have taken to the social media and issued statements against each other.

It all started when Mawra Hocane tweeted a couple of messages on Twitter, stating that if Phantom was anti-terrorism it should be supported. Shaan took objection to the actress’ tweets and called for her to be banned, from his official Facebook account.

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Following Shaan’s harsh status update, Mawra penned an open letter for Shaan and her fans, which was a tit for tat response towards the Waar actor.  Mawra had claimed that she did not need to prove her loyalty towards Pakistan and that she had not seen the trailer of Phantom before tweeting about it.

You’d think the episode was over, but Shaan taunted Mawra again yesterday. The actor indirectly slighted Mawra Hocane with another status update on Facebook, this time not referencing the actress directly.

Though Shaan did not name anyone in particular, it seems obvious that the actor was referring to Mawra Hocane when he pointed out that those who garner fame often forget those and what made them famous.

Will Mawra Hocane pen another letter for Shaan Shahid or will the younger Hocane sister ignore Shaan’s latest taunt and put an end to the episode altogether?



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