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Watch: ‘Ghosthunter’ films horrific ‘owlman’, demon with horns on the head

The Owlman of Mawnan Smith has been the subject of folklore since the 1920s but there haven’t been any ‘sightings’ since 1976 in the small county of Cornwall in, England 

Legend has it that one day, two teenage girls once spotted the figure while on holiday in Mawnan Smith, near Falmouth, Cornwall, they walked down to an old and remote church, more than a mile from the village centre.

There, the two teenagers saw a terrifying “bird-man” with wings and feathers on top of the church tower.

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The story says that they were so scared by the sighting that their father decided to put an end to their holidays and leave Cornwall immediately.

In July of the same year, two 14-year-old girls decided to go camping in the area, but spotted a giant owl of human-size ‘with glowing eyes’.

The mythical ‘half-man half-owl’ that scares off holidaymakers in Cornwall has allegedly been filmed in a graveyard.

‘Ghosthunter’ Mark Davies claims he’s caught the infamous character on camera and also interacted with it, he also claims footage of the interaction to be proof to his sighting.

DISCLAIMER: The following footage may prove disturbing to the faint of heart

In the footage, Mark and a friend can be seen in search of ghostly apparitions in a county graveyard.

The eerie footage reveals one of the ghosthunter’s pulling out a ‘spirit detector’ which certainly starts acting up upon sight of a shadowy figure in the distance with horns protruding from his head.

Mark goes to investigate, the apparition had vanished and he could find no more trace of the Owlman.





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