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PUBG to now have dynamic weather effects

Online gaming sensation PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds popularized as ‘PUBG’ used to boast changing weather like heavy fog and drizzling rain before the game’s official launch on December 2017.

When the time for global launch came, weather effects were removed to make the game more stable and glitch-free.

They’re back now, bringing a random variable to matches that will complicate engagements whilst breathing a bit more life into all the battles that would ensue in the digital arena.

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In addition to a few new maps, a major focus for PUBG since launch has been improving stability and giving the game’s older maps a new outlook so that the overall feel and aura does not stale.

The original forest map ‘Erangel’ recently received a major redesign, and it’s now been announced that previously cut features like fog are returning to the game.

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The announcement came via a YouTube Patch Report and gaming community around the world welcomed the add-ons.

Bringing back dynamic weather is just another step to adding some new excitement to PUBG.

After losing out to games like Fortnite and Apex LegendsPUBG’s been quietly been developing and improving, while also bringing back older dynamics to the gameplay which have now been optimized and stabalized.

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Players are returning, and little touches like this are a reminder of what made PUBG the game that popularized the world of online mobile shooters which engrosses you and multiple others into a melee of extreme fun.

Bringing back fog that obscures the vision of rain that makes it harder to hear footsteps is a great way to add variety to matches and make the experience much more challenging and diverse.



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