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Woman goes to family court after father defeats her in Ludo

A 24-year-old woman approached a family court after she was defeated several times in Ludo games by her father in Bhopal, India.

The young woman, her two siblings and their father used to play the board game during the lockdown period. After losing a few games, she developed a resentment against her father, which increased over a period of time and the family had to undergo counselling sessions to resolve the issue.

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“Nowadays, children are unable to endure defeat which is why such cases come up. They need to learn to accept defeat which is as important as winning,” family court counsellor Sarita Rajani told an Indian news agency.

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“A 24-year-old young woman had come to us and said that when she was playing Ludo with her siblings and father, her father killed her tokens (goti) and she felt it was a breach of trust. She said she had trusted her father a lot and didn’t expect to be defeated by him,” she added.

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Rajini said the woman’s anger became so intense after losing several times to her father that she stopped addressing him as father. “She has been counselled four times till now and the situation is improving. We will find a positive solution,” she added.



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