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Woman fakes abduction on TikTok, gets killed during shoot

MEXICO CITY: In an unfortunate incident, a woman was shot point-blank in the head during a shooting of a TikTok video involving her fake abduction.

According to local media reports, Areline Martínez and several others were filming a fake abduction for social media in the Mexican city of Chihuahua when one of the people pretending to abduct her accidentally shot her in the head.

Areline Martínez had previously filmed several similar videos feigning a kidnapping, which she had posted to social media. 

The videos of the incident were initially shared on the video-sharing app but were later deleted by TikTok authorities.

A video of the moments before her death is, however, circulating on social media, showing Martínez sitting in a chair pretending to struggle with her pretend captors. At least 10 people were present, police say. It is unclear why a real, loaded gun was used as a prop.

Martínez’s hands and feet were bound when authorities found her body. The .45-caliber bullet that pierced her brain killed her instantly. 

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The state attorney general, César Augusto Peniche Espejel said one of the theories is that one of the men thought the .45-caliber pistol was out of ammunition and so shot at Martínez’s head.

“There are several facts to investigate: the unfortunate death of the young woman and the origin of that weapon and how it came to her hands.”

Two of the men surrounding Martínez reportedly fled the scene afterward in a Jeep Cherokee, but have been identified by authorities.



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