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Woman delivers ‘twins’ but hospital gives her one baby

KARACHI: A newborn baby reportedly went missing from Karachi’s largest public hospital Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC), ARY News reported on Tuesday.

According to details, the infant went missing from JPMC Karachi after the woman reportedly gave birth to twins. The father of a newly born infant has blamed doctors of JMPC for the alleged missing of the second child.

The father of a newly born baby has also registered a case against hospital administration for the alleged missing of his second baby. The father in his report, submitted to police, has maintained that the ultrasound scan performed by them from a private laboratory shown twins.

On the other hand, the doctors present at the emergency ward of JMPC told parents that woman had given birth to only one child which was handed over to them after the delivery.

‘Two different ultrasound scans created confusion’

Commenting over the matter Dr. Seemi Jamali, head of the emergency at JPMC told media that confusion was occurred due to ultrasound scan reports performed by the woman from two different laborites.

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“Two ultrasounds sans were performed by woman and reports have shown two different results,” she said, adding that the one ultrasound scan which was performed from private laboratory shown twins but the ultrasound reported carried out by JPMC shown only one child.

She said that a five-member committee has been formed to investigate the matter and parents of a newborn have been summoned to appear before the committee on February 18.



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