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Shock, grief as video shows woman kidnapping toddler from crowded market

A video showing a toddler being whisked away by an alleged woman kidnapper at a crowded market without being noticed by the shoppers has gone viral.  

The incident occurred in China’s south-western Yunnan Province at a crowded fruit and vegetable market.

The two-year-old girl can be seen being carried away by a middle-aged woman, later identified as a human trafficker, in her arms as the girl could be seen screaming.

The young victim, who is dressed in a pink coat, could later be seen driven away on the suspect’s scooter.

She appears to struggle to free herself, with her head sticking out the side of the scooter.

The young victim is believed to have been snatched after she strayed away from her family members.

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The child’s parents reported her kidnap at the hands of a woman human trafficker on the afternoon of 14th January.

The authorities used the footages from the CCTV cameras installed at the market and traced the alleged child snatcher and located the young victim, some 26 hours after the alleged kidnapping.

The suspect was detained and is still being questioned. The toddler has since been reunited with her family.



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