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Woman shocked after washing machine explodes mid-cycle

SCOTLAND: The Internet is filled with incidents that can leave one terrified and stunned. A post of a shocking explosion shared by a woman from Scotland will leave you with a similar feeling. 

Laura Birrell thought that a bomb went off at her home when her washing machine “literally exploded” mid-cycle

Birrell posted shocking pictures of the destruction in her kitchen after her Indesit machine “blew up”. The mother said that the incident left debris scattered around her kitchen which was filled with smoke.

The pictures show the bunker top above the washing machine seems to have imploded. The top cover of the home appliance was also been blown apart, leaving large chunks of plastic and glass scattered all over the floor.

The businesswoman warned people to not leave their washing machines on when they are not at home.

“I have often heard don’t leave your washing machine on when you leave the house. Well today I am glad that I did not go out anywhere as my machine literally exploded. With a glass sink drainer unit I thought a bomb had gone off, glass everywhere. That is the machine drum that exploded through the worktop and drainer,” she wrote on Facebook.

She added, “Fortunately I was in as smoke started to appear so I quickly switched it off. I will never leave a washing in again when I am out.”

A spokesman for manufacturers Whirlpool was quoted as saying by Metro, “Our thoughts are with the residents affected by this incident, and we are investigating the situation.



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