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Wounded man recounts story behind fake Karachi police encounter

KARACHI: A man who sustained injuries in a fake police encounter at II Chundrigar Road in Karachi on Saturday recounted the events that led to the killing of a person and injuring him in the incident, ARY NEWS reported.

It is pertinent to mention here that a person identified as Aslam was killed and another person Waqar was injured after police opened fire on what they initially claimed robbers on Friday. However, the further probe revealed that cops opened fire on the innocent men without following proper SOPs.

Talking exclusively to the ARY NEWS, the youngster Waqar who was shot in the hand by a cop, while recalling the entire episode said that he along with his two other friends was going to a bank when they decided to stop by a milk shop to drink lassi.

We stopped by a shop and asked our friend to take out money, who refused saying that he didn’t have it, he narrated.

The youngster said that as soon as his friend tried to take out his phone to listen to a call, suddenly they heard multiple shots fired.

“One of the bullets from nowhere hit me in the hand,” Waqar said while recounting as to how all of his friends raised their hands and asked the cops to stop firing which later resulted in the killing of a person standing near a makeshift burger shop.

“We continuously conveyed to them that we are friends and asked as to why you are firing at us,” he recalled and further blamed that the cops did not question them before opening the fire.

He asked as to which law allows police to open fire from the back without any proper probe.



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