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Youth again climbs up electric pole as family fails to get him married

SUKKUR: In a shocking incident, a heartbroken youth climbed up an electric pole in Sukkur to force his family to get him married. 

As per details, Hanif, a resident of the Sukkur district of Sindh, climbed a pole of high tension wires as his family refused to get him married.

The family of the youth is trying to convince him to come down.

Talking to newsmen, the relatives of Hanif said that he had climbed the electric pole, four months ago and repeated the same practice today as the family failed to fulfill its promise to get him to marry.

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In a separate incident of the same in nature that took place in December, last year, a man had climbed up an electric pole reportedly to woo his angry wife in Kashmore area of Sindh.

Nadeem Jamali, a resident of Kandhkot, had climbed a pole of high-tension wires after his disgruntled wife moved the court for Khula.



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