EXPLAINER: Gas crisis & use of compressors, who’s responsible?

Even before the winters blanket the whole country, Pakistanis begin to feel what’s coming their way: cooking food and heating water to bathe become luxury.

It’s become a routine now especially since the past three years, but instead of allaying the alarming concerns, the people in authority say the worsening has just started.

Are the 12 million Pakistani households, making up about one-forth lucky enough to get gas connections at home, looking at the same fate as the remaining three-forth? On their own to seek basic heat.

The alternative sources like LPG, coal, firewood and biomass etc will see spiral, as a result of growing demand?

Talking to senior journalists, analysts, and Sui Southern and Sui Northern (SSGC and SNGPL) representatives on the gas crisis, ARY Stories learned what amplified it this time around, and what are the odds the challenge can be surmounted.

But one thing that undercuts the magnitude of the responsibility from those in charge of the situation is the fact that some of the LNG cargos ordered in advance via a long term contract defaulted citing ‘force majeure’ clause. The international market also has demand-side pressure and

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