Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Fast-food chain’s employee shot over ‘cold fries’


An employee of a worldwide fast-food chain was shot in the neck over cold fries in the United States.

A report by a US-based news agency stated the untoward incident happened in the Brooklyn area in New York City.

The situation started when a customer complained of her french fries being cold to the victim. Her 20-year-old son went inside the restaurant to confront the employee.

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Police said the victim got shot outside the eatery. The authorities arrested the attacker and are questioning him. They said the victim has no prior connection with the mother-son duo.

The victim is under treatment at Brookdale University Hospital and his condition is serious.

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The incident comes after an employee of the same fast-food chain was stabbed while saving his fellow workers from a customer in the East Harlem area in May.

In June, a worker of a different fast-food restaurant was shot dead by a customer for the amount of mayonnaise on his sandwich in Atlanta city of Georgia state.

Glenn Willie, the restaurant’s owner, said the customer was unhappy with the extra mayonnaise in his meal. Police arrested a 36-year-old male was arrested for his links to the shooting.


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