Is future of libraries already here with Virtual Reality aid?

One often wonders if libraries could be interactive or the books could just give you the answers to tailored queries without having to like actually read them at length, as for many of us, reading can seem like a luxury due to the time and attention it requires.

At best the adaptations of these books are available in the form of movies and theaters that we may love or hate, but they nevertheless have one limitation: they are from specific scopes of their respective directors who perceive things in certain ways and don’t give much content choices and liberty to audiences.

But what if there was indeed the content choice and liberty? For each consumer of books, there was a variety of scopes and choice of endeavors to embark on?

Mika Johnson, a German-origin artist, and his 20 teammates, seem to have figured out a way to extend masses that liberty with their brainchild Infinite Library. The AI-powered VR experience has got it all one can ask for, and if it’s still not there, it has the capacity to adapt, at least. The futuristic library has the room for new ideas and knowledge systems to be added in the future.

For now, the ‘readers’ can experience Karnataka’s Shadow Puppetry, European Alchemy, and Polynesian Navigation as principal promenades of this program, other than many others and games.

If you happen to be in Karachi and want to experience this surreal technology, go to the Goethe Insititut and share on comment your personal voyage details!

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