Friday, August 12, 2022

Giraffe gives lions run for their money; video goes viral


A video of a thrilling battle between a giraffe and a pack of lions is going viral across social media platforms.

The viral video sees the cats attack a giraffe one at a time. They jumped and tried to cling to the animal’s behind. Giraffe thrashed the formidable beasts by using its strong hind legs.

The footage – shared on the visual-sharing social media application Instagram – garnered more than millions of views since its uploading.


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It is pertinent to mention that giraffes are one of the main prey of the lions but it does not mean they are successful in hunting them every day. After all, not every day is Sunday.

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The cats hunt down deers and other mammals. This is because of needing to grab hold of its throats before killing it. They have to take on large animals when their attacks don’t go as planned. 

Giraffes are one of them.

They can be young, ill or bearing a child. However, they can use their strong survival instinct to give the “King of the Jungle” a strong run for their money. This video is clear proof of it.


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