Decades-long Guantanamo Bay torture won’t let me eat, sleep: Rabbani

KARACHI: Ex Guantanamo Bay detainee Ahmed Rabbani said his confidence in the US, as the champion of human rights, shattered for good, when he experienced their treatment first hand during bogus trials and investigation sessions during his two-decade incarceration in the notorious facility.

Rabbani, in fifties, was picked up in September 2002 from his Pakistani residence, alongwith his brother Rahim Rabbani, in a mistaken identity case, by local authorities who handed them over to the CIA as they invaded Afghanistan in aftermath of nine-eleven attacks.

They were looking for Hasan Gul, but I was a cab driver named Ahmed Rabbani, I kept telling them that, he remembered. He was expatriated first to Afghanistan’s black sites run by the CIA where he suffered horrific torture in the name of special investigation methods. Then in 2003, he was put away in notorious Cuban facility in Guantanamo Bay.

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