Tuesday, October 19, 2021

This homemade natural oil will work wonders against hair fall


People find different solutions for curing hair fall such as undergoing transplant procedures or using chemical-based shampoos for growing or making it strong. But there are homemade items that can be used to make an oil that will work wonders against the problem.

Naturopath Dr Umme Raheel appeared as a guest on the ARY Digital morning show Good Morning Pakistan, where she made natural oil for hair fall solution.

To make the solution, take a saucepan and put mint leaves on it. Then layer it with rose petals before adding clove and then finish it by including methi seeds, olive oil and castor oil.

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She mentioned that olive oil should be enough to fill the whole pan. It should be cooked on low heat till its colour changes.

Then it should be placed in a transparent glass jar instead of a plastic one. She added that the jar should be covered and placed under sunlight for seven days. The process will be completed by then.

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She said that it will treat all kinds of hair fall and people of all ages can use it.

Earlier,  Dr. Sehrish Javed had appeared on ARY News morning show Bakhabar Savera in which she talked about the reasons for hair fall and what are the courses and varierty of treatment.

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