Monday, May 16, 2022

Hammad Azhar issues ‘final warning’ to PML-N government


PTI leader Hammad Azhar has said that the PML-N government has committed cowardly acts in Sialkot today, ARY News reported. 

Former Energy Minister said that they are issuing a final warning to the government to refrain from such activities or they will be responsible for the consequences.

He claimed that the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz did political gathers on the same ground but they are giving it a religious colour when they wanted to do the same.

He said that it’s a ground reality that state institutions interfere in political matters, denying it would be lying to ourselves. Alliant parties always waited for a ‘signal’ to decide upon anything, he added.

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Hammad Azhar said that it looks like the government is not ready to exit gracefully, it is their final warning to them. The people of Sialkot would give them a fitting reply in tonight’s gathering, he added.

The PTI leader pointed out that the PML-N leadership is in splits as half of them want early elections while the other does not. The PML-N is afraid that PTI will have a sweeping victory if they call for early elections, while some are worried that their incompetence will be unmasked if they complete the remaining term of the assemblies, Hammad said.

He warned the government that a tsunami of people will march toward Islamabad at Imran Khan’s call. “Our demand for fresh elections is not beyond the law,” said Hammad Azhar.

Earlier, Punjab police had arrested several PTI workers including MNA Usman Dar ahead of their public gathering in Sialkot.



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