Monday, September 27, 2021

WATCH: Healthcare cost debate kicks off as man escapes ambulance


A man is filmed to be escaping an ambulance he was being escorted in and the video has attracted netizens globally sparking a debate about healthcare costs in the US.

A TikToked Meredith Scharinger posted this video with the caption ‘Bucks in 6 Baby’ and it has garnered over 8 million views.

The clip showed khaki shorts and a white t-shirt-clad man receiving medical attention by being placed on an ambulance stretcher trolley by an EMT. Suddenly, the man gets up from the stretcher, hops out of the ambulance, and starts running.

He makes a short run towards a nearby bar which ends with a collision with a waiter who drops his tray.

While the man was believed to be highly intoxicated, he didn’t want medical attention. Social media users watched the video with many commending the man, linking it to the high health insurance cost.

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It remains unclear why the man ran away from the ambulance. But netizens are convinced it was to avoid paying any medical fee.

An ambulance trip can cost up to $450, according to reports. And the cost of being airlifted, can dent your kitty up to $21,000.

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