Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Here’s how herbal tea can boost your immune system


Waseem Badami’s brand WB by Hemani has come up with an amazing product.

We Pakistanis have long been sipping on our chai for all the right reasons, but did you think immunity boost was one of them?

While some brews may not provide as many health benefits as others, there’s strong reason to believe herbal tea may have a strong impact on our general well-being.

Put a kettle on as we share why we think drinking herbal tea is healthy:

  1. It helps build a strong immune system
    Strong Immune System

A topper on our list for obvious reasons, there’s ample of research to prove that the antibacterial and anti-flammatory properties in stress-relieving teas can really tune up immune cells to ward off viruses.

  1. It helps reduce stress

Reduce StressHerbal teas do not contain caffeine which is why they’re known for their soothing properties. Some ingredients like basil and peppermint can prove to be effective relaxants.

  1. Herbal teas may soothe the digestive system

Digestive SystemSome ingredients in herbal teas, like ginger and chamomile, may have muscle-relaxing effects that encourage bowel movement.

  1. It lowers the risk of a heart stroke

Heart Stroke

Herbal tea is good for the heart. In fact, study has shown that regular tea drinking helps lower arterial stiffness in the heart which is usually linked to cardiovascular diseases.

  1. It helps boost metabolism

Boost Metabolism

If you’re trying to shed some pounds, a cup or two of herbal tea might come in handy. Studies have shown that drinking tea, especially herbal tea, helps detoxify the body and improves weight loss.

Looking for an effective herbal relief tea?


We suggest WB by Hemani’s ImmuniTea, a blend of natural, healing herbs, such as liquorice, tulsi, basil and ginger, which helps keep viruses at bay and fortifies immune system.

WB by Hemani’s ImmuniTea is available in the form of a kit, which contains tea pouches along with a bottle of a rich blend of herbal essential oils.

With just three drops added to hot water, the concoction helps unblock the nasal passage to relieve common cold and flu.

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, this healthy brew claims to help against respiratory difficulties in a Covid-19 patient, while others can use it as a preventive measure.


For more details on how to place an orders, head over to WB by Hemani’s official website.


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