Saturday, August 13, 2022

Horrific video: Boy’s close save from death


A horrific video of a nine-year-old boy’s narrow escape from being crushed under a speeding bus in the Kerala state of India is viral on social media.

(The video is sensitive and not suitable for minors)

The viral video, shared on the micro-blogging social media application, sees the boy riding a bicycle at speed.

He hits the motorcycle and slides to the other side of the road just before his cycle gets crushed under the wheels of a speeding bus.

The video made rounds on social media platforms. Netizens, in their comments, blamed the boy and his parents for not taking care of their children.

Earlier, a horrific video of a motorcyclist saving himself seconds before getting hit by a truck has gone viral on social media platforms.

The horrific video, uploaded on Facebook by the Viral Hog channel, was filmed from the dashboard of a car.

WATCH: Sanitation worker saves child from car accident

It sees a motorcyclist riding his bike on a slippery road during rain. He slips and falls. He moves sideways to save himself from being run over by the vehicle.


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