Monday, May 23, 2022

Horrific video: Motorcyclist’s close save from death


A horrific video of a motorcyclist saving himself seconds before getting hit by a truck has gone viral on social media platforms.

The horrific video, uploaded on Facebook by the Viral Hog channel, was filmed from the dashboard of a car.

It sees a motorcyclist riding his bike on a slippery road during rain. He slips and falls. He moves sideways to save himself from being run over by the vehicle.

The clip has more than 64,000 views with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments and counting. The Facebook users breathe a sigh of relief. A third user asked what was he doing under such weather conditions and the busy road.

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“Thank heavens he is ok,” a user wrote while another thanked God for saving the biker. A third user praised the rider’s tenacity for avoiding danger.

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Earlier, a heart-stopping incident saw a woman narrowly escaping an accident when a garbage truck zoomed past her at a high speed before ploughing into eight vehicles and a wall in Brazil.

In the footage, Monica de Souza, 47, after sensing danger, can be seen running from the pavement into the middle of the road as the vehicle veers to the left, narrowly avoiding hitting her in Duque de Caixas, Rio de Janeiro.

She rushed to a nearby house entrance with another man as the vehicle hurtled past, leaving a trail of garbage behind.

The truck narrowly misses her and collided with a car coming up the road, before careering into a row of parked vehicles.


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