Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Husband kills wife, blames murder on ‘intruder’: cops


A man in the Texan metropolis Houston has been accused and arraigned for shooting dead his wife just a couple of days as they signed up for a life insurance policy to the tune of $250,000.

The 41-year-old, Christopher Collins, made a call to police on November 18, which was categorized as a non-emergency one. In the phone call, he said he had been speaking with his brother and in the meantime missed texts from his wife.

Yuanhua Liang, his wife, texted him someone loitered outside the house. but by the time Collings got off of the phone, his wife didn’t respond to his calls.

When the local police, Harris County Sheriff’s deputies, went to the house and found it secure, reported the local media.

However, right when the cops were gonna leave, Collins came about and unlocked the door. He dropped his bags after a short pause he took after entering and directly ran to the living room. It was there that Liang laid lifeless on the floor with a cloth bag over her head and blood on the shirt.

The postmortem report said the wife had died from a single bullet into her head. The allged killer had put the cloth bag over her head after.

Collins in a statement said that he had been at a restaurant and returned home when he realized he’d forgotten his wallet; Liang met him in the driveway and gave it to him and he left to go to the gym, he said.

While driving to the gym, he spoke with his brother on the phone and saw that he’d missed the messages from his wife but continued to the gym, where he stayed for about 45 minutes.

Assessing the crime scene, the investigators concluded that there were no breaking-in signs, and nothing was taken, and the house gave away no signs of struggle signature of a burglary bid.

They further noted that were four dogs in the backyard — and a neighbor reported hearing an argument at the home earlier in the day.

Also, the gym’s CCTV footage showed Collins working out barely for five minutes while going in and out of the locker room. It’s also where they found Liang’s cosmetic bag and wallet with her identification, passport, bank cards, and cash in a locked locker.

Gym management said the lockers had been cleared out on November 13.

Collins claimed they did not have life insurance because they had missed a payment, but the police landed on paperwork for a $250,000 policy signed just recently.

“The defendant murdered his wife with a firearm, then went to great lengths to make it look like she was killed by an intruder,” said the court documents.

The accused is being held on a $150,000 bond and will mark his first court appearance on Monday


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