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Friday, June 2, 2023


Cat crashes into car window after falling from 6th floor, survives

In a miraculous event, a cat survived after falling from the sixth floor building and crashed into a car's rear window that was parked...

Dad obeys baby daughter’s every command, adorable video goes viral

The heartwarming father-daughter video has more than six million views on Twitter.

Man stabs daughter 25 times over domestic dispute

In a brutal incident, a man from the Indian city of Surat  stabbed his daughter 25 times to death over domestic dispute. The CCTV footage...

Cannibal kills a woman, eats her flesh, dies in hospital

A disturbing incident was reported from India's Rajasthan state where an alleged cannibal who was arrested by the Indian Police officials on May 26...

Fisherman holds terrifyingly huge anaconda, video goes viral

There are countless videos of huge anacondas on social media platforms.

Pizza restaurant offers to delay payments until customers die

Hell Pizza, a renowned pizza chain based in New Zealand, has introduced a rather unconventional proposition to its customers: the option to "buy now,...
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Car thief uses metal loop to steal keyless car through signal boosting

A car thief managed to steal a keyless car by utilizing a metal loop to boost the signal of the car's fob. This technique,...

Thief swallows gold chain to evade police, ends up in hospital

In strange incident, thief swallowed a gold chain to evade the police but he ended up in the hospital. This incident happened near the Dubadih...

Arslan Ash clinches second Combo Breaker championship

Arslan Ash, the renowned eSports player, has once again claimed the title of Combo Breaker champion 2023, ARY News reported on Monday. His exceptional skills...