Saturday, September 25, 2021

Hyderabad rally by far the largest, says Bilawal in PDM address


HYDERABAD: Bilawal Bhutto while addressing Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) rally on Tuesday said today’s gathering feels like the largest so far as people here play forerunners in the struggle for democracy, ARY News reported.

The Pakistan Peoples Party chairman said today everything is beyond the purchasing power of the laymen as the 20kg bag of most essential product flour costs Rs1,237 today. He jested that while it is not the Naya Pakistan, as proclaimed and promised by the incumbent Prime Minister, but it is indeed an expensive Pakistan.

He enlisted the essential commodity prices at the moment saying a dozen eggs cost Rs175 while a liter of milk is available for no less than Rs120.

He went on to say one kilogram of sugar is Rs90, lentils Rs160, while fuel diesel is Rs116 a liter.

Here farmers don’t get the rightful return on their harvests and the laborers are not paid their right remunerations, said PPP chairman in PDM rally address.

Each decision by this government is meant for social murder of lower-income class people, that extends relief to the rich and causes sufferings for the poor, Bilawal said.

He rhetorically asked is he not the same Imran Khan who had promised 10 million jobs and million houses, and who claimed he shall never resort to taking bailouts and loans?

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Bilawal said the PM instead of providing homes, has only razed them in the name of the anti-encroachment drive and he is the same PM whose government has amassed historic loans in the past three years since assuming power.

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