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Attempts being made to ‘crush’ PTI on pretext of May 9 arson: Imran Khan


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LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Friday asserted that attempts were being made to ‘crush his party’ on the pretext of May 9 events, wherein military installations including Jinnah House in Lahore came under attack, ARY News reported.

Addressing the party workers and supporters, the former prime minister lambasted the federal government for ‘imposing the law of the jungle’ in the country, saying that fundamental rights have been eliminated.

While condemning the events that took place on May 9 – the day he was arrested in Al-Qadir Trust, Imran Khan asked who will not condemn those incidents.

The PTI chief said he was first alerted about the protests of May 9 by Chief Justice in a Supreme Court hearing. “Who does not condemn? Have we ever said we don’t condemn? Will anyone want his own army to be weak?”

He alleged that there was a crackdown under way on his party across Pakistan without any investigation on the burning of the Lahore Corp Commander’s House – also known as Jinnah House.

“Attempts were being made to crush Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on the pretext of May 9 events,” the former premier added.

Khan questioned why his party workers and supporters were being arrested everywhere if the burning of the Corps Commander’s House only took place in Lahore. “What have people in Karachi to do with it? Why are you catching people elsewhere?” he asked.

He further said that now enforced divorces are happening across Pakistan, adding that politicians were being forced to quit PTI. “It is thought that the party is being weakened by such acts,” he said.

Imran Khan noted that his offers for talks were being rebuffed and inviting only stronger crackdowns on his party. He vowed to struggle till his last breath for actual freedom in the country.

‘Economic performance’

Lambasting the federal government over its ‘failed economic policies’, Imran Khan said that the country is hurtling towards hyperinflation.

“The dollar has reached Rs308 in the open market,” he said, asking why isn’t the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) concerned. “We should understand that if we don’t correct it then the situation is about to get out of everyone’s hand,” he warned.

Khan pointed out that at the time of his ouster, the country’s foreign reserves were $16 billion and today they are $4.5 billion. “The country’s exports have fallen by 13 percent during PDM’s tenure,” he noted.

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He further said that Pakistan is heading towards destruction. “They (the ruling coalition) have no roadmap. The more time you are giving, the country is seeing a decline,” he added.

“Conditions were less [dire] in Sri Lanka when its people came to the streets. Why haven’t the people come out yet? Because they are hoping for elections,” he claimed.

The former prime minister said their plan for elections is when Imran Khan is crushed and he is being crushed.

‘PTI won’t end’

Imran Khan called on the nation and his party workers to exhibit patience, saying that people being made to quit the party would not bring it to an end.

“A party comes to an end when its vision comes to an end. The PDM parties are before you, the election commission and administration are with them so why are they scared of elections? because their vote bank has finished,” he claimed.

On the other side, he said, the PTI’s vote bank keeps increasing the more “injustice they’re doing”.

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