Friday, May 20, 2022

Imran Khan gives special message for Jhelum people


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has given a special message to the people of Jhelum ahead of his next public gathering on Tuesday, ARY News reported.

He said in his message, “I am arriving in Jhelum on Tuesday. Jhelum is the city of martyrs and ghazis. I am coming to Jhelum to prepare everyone for real independence. You will have to participate in Islamabad march over my call.”

The PTI chief said, “An imported government of thieves is imposed on us after a foreign conspiracy which is unacceptable for all of us. I hope that all people will join the Jhelum jalsa in which I will discuss more things.”

Prior to Jhelum jalsa, Imran Khan will address public rallies in Abbottabad on Sunday (today) and in Rawalpindi on May 9.

Earlier, Imran Khan held a virtual session to address overseas Pakistanis in which he said that Pakistan’s foreign policy should be designed in its own interests.

He said that better ties with Russia could have ensured cheap gas and wheat for the country.

He paid tribute to the overseas Pakistanis for taking to the streets to record their protests against the alleged foreign conspiracy against the PTI government in the country.

“Our foreign policy should be designed in accordance with our national interests. I wanted a foreign policy only in favour of Pakistanis. We should not sacrifice our country for the foreign policy of any other country.”

“Corrupt rulers and murderers have been imposed on Pakistan. Imposing such people is tantamount to insulting the future of the country.”

He asked the overseas Pakistanis to raise questions from their politicians. He said that overseas Pakistanis should write letters to their politicians in foreign countries or run social media campaigns.

Imran Khan announced to give a call for Islamabad march after May 20. He said that the whole nation is now standing firmly to say no to the slavery and imported government.


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