Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Will never accept the corrupt lot even if it means sacrificing my life: Imran Khan


PESHAWAR: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Saturday said that he will never accept the “imported government” led by the “corrupt elite” even if it means sacrificing his life, ARY News reported.

The PTI chief, while addressing a press conference, said that during last week’s long march, the police brutally tortured his party workers and supporters despite supreme court’s orders against raising any obstacles on their way, adding that his party will raise the government’s brutal oppression on all forums and will seek legal help over the recent ban on protests by the “imported government”.

Govt to permanently ban ‘violent protests’, rallies in Islamabad 

“If Shehbaz Sharif and Rana Sanaullah would have been punished for the Model Town massacre, they wouldn’t have repeated the same against PTI workers (on May 25 and 26),” said Imran Khan.

The former PM said that his party is moving Supreme Court of Pakistan seeking the top court’s opinion on whether people of a democratic country’s right to protest can be curtailed or not?.

The PTI chief also decided to challenge two of the government’s recent decisions i.e. reversing voting rights of overseas Pakistanis and making amendments to NAB ordinance, which he claimed are taken with malafide intentions.

He was of the view that the “corrupt” and “fascist” lot has taken over the country and it is now upon the state institutions to save the country for if the country goes towards total destruction “they will be responsible”.

Imran Khan announced that his party’s six-day-ultimatum to the government is final and if they don’t announce elections, he will come back, this time “with full preparation” to knock winds out of their sails.

On Petrol Prices And Buying Oil from Russia

The PTI chief started his presser by criticising the “imported government” over raising prices of petroleum products and claimed that the government did it on pressure from IMF for “beggars cannot be choosers”.

He maintained that his government was about to buy oil from Russia on reduced rates to give relief to the people of Pakistan but was “ousted as punishment over maintaining an independent foreign policy”.

The PTI chief said that his party member and former minister Hammad Azhar also shared documentary proof on Twitter that Russia was “enthusiastic” to sell oil to Pakistan but then his government was ousted on “American behest” and a “group of US stooges” were imposed on people of Pakistan.

He maintained that India reduced petrol prices for they can buy oil from anywhere as they have an independent foreign policy but Pakistan, that too, under its current rulers cannot do the same.


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