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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Incapacitated vessel Heng Tong 77 finally berthed at KPT


KARACHI: The incapacitated vessel Heng Tong 77 on Wednesday finally has been taken berthed at the Karachi Port Trust (KPT), ARY News reported.

Captain Asim said due to the high risk involved tide favouring time was selected, and today at 0445 hrs KPT pilots boarded the vessel at Fairway buoy and KPT tugs safely berthed vessel at 0645 hrs.

A well-planned operation safely executed by KPT’ experienced pilots and its flotilla.

Yesterday, grounded cargo vessel (MV) Heng Tong 77 was successfully re-floated into the sea, after multiples attempts of the administration failed, earlier.

The ship was stranded at the Karachi sea view in July.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Maritime Affairs Mahmood Moulvi had said since the ship has been refloated and is now in the safe waters, it will be taken into custody for a further investigation.

He had said although the refloating endeavor took a fortune for the cost, the entire bill was footed by the shipowner and none by the government.

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In the previous attempt, the failure was due to the inexperienced teams and frail and old pull ropes after which the new team, now in charge, was hired.

The maritime affairs ministry and Karachi Port Trust have ordered inquiry reports on why the previous salvaging endeavours were failed wherein the shipowner was asked to furnish steps he took for the extrication.

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