Monday, September 26, 2022

India: Muslim girl who chanted Allahu Akbar in face of extremist goons speaks up!


Indian woman Muskan, who was heckled by a mob outside a college in India over wearing a hijab, has remained steadfast against the extremists and said that she was not worried or scared by them.

She spoke about the incident, which happened in the Bangalore city of the Karnataka state, in an interview with an Indian news channel.

The victim said that she had come to the college for submitting an assignment. She added that she was not being allowed inside just because she was carrying the burqa but somehow made her way inside.

The student started chanting Allahu Akbar in reply to the Jai Shri Ram slogans being chanted by the mob.

She said that she had been carrying the burqa and hijab, which is part of a Muslim girl, but when she used to go to class she would only carry the hijab.

The student added that the burqa was always part of them and even the principal had not raised any objections to it. She said that head protected me like other teachers.

She revealed that she is not the only student to have undergone such an experience. She claimed that five women, who were told to remove their hijab or else be sent back home, came crying to her.

Muskan said she feels safe as her friends from other religions along with police assured her safety.

She added that their education is being ruined just for a “piece of cloth”.

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The recent movement of wearing Hijab at Indian schools took a new turn on Tuesday after a video went viral on social media showing a Muslim girl wearing hijab being harassed by dozens of youngsters outside a college in Bangalore.

Soon after the incident, #AllahuAkbar started trending in Pakistan and India.

It is pertinent to mention that the incident involving the hijab- a headscarf usually taken by Muslim women- has caused an outcry in India with prominent figures raising serious questions regarding the Narendra Modi led Hindutva government, whose policies have raised polarization in the Indian society.



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