Monday, October 3, 2022

Indian bride faints at discovering groom’s baldness


A weird incident took place at an Indian wedding when a Friday when a bride fainted and refused to marry the groom after finding out that he has male pattern baldness. 

The incident took place in the Uttar Pradesh state of India on Wednesday. The groom Ajay Kumar had to return home without the bride after the girl refused to marry him.

The bride reportedly fainted at finding out that the guy was bald and used a wig to hide his baldness. After regaining consciousness, the girls refused to marry the groom.

A fight ensued between the two families after the girl refused to marry a bald guy “at any cost”. After which, the elders of the families intervened and pacified the situation.

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The girl’s family accused the guy and his family of cheating. Ajay’s family, after several attempts to persuade the bride, had to leave without the bride as the wedding was called off.

Before leaving the venue, both the families contacted the Police and pledged a complaint against each other.

According to the Police station in charge, both the parties withdrew from their complaints shortly.



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