Sunday, June 26, 2022

Instagram brings back chronological feed after 6 years


Meta-owned photo/video sharing application Instagram has brought back its chronological feed, six years after it was replaced by an algorithmically arranged news feed. 

A chronological feed has been among the highly demanded and requested features on Instagram since it was replaced by a curated news feed in 2016. And after a wait of six years, Instagram has announced to relaunch the feature.

The application has launched two new ways of arranging your feed, Following and Favourites, which will show posts in chronological order.

Instagram in a blog post explained that in addition to the main home feed, they’re launching new options that would let users choose to see posts in Feed from their favourite accounts, or from the accounts they follow, in chronological order.’

The application added that they want people to have meaningful control over their experience on Instagram and the content they see.

The application added that users can add up to 50 favourites, and make changes to their list at any time, people are not notified when they are added or removed.

Posts from your favourite accounts will show up higher in the home feed, and they will be shown by a star icon.

‘Posts from your favourites list will also show up higher in your home feed, as shown by a star icon.’

However, the main home feed would still be arranged algorithmically.

Instagram, ahead of the announcement, teased the news on Twitter with a word search that had the word ‘chronological’ hidden inside it.

Ahead of the official announcement today, Instagram teased the news on Twitter with a Wordsearch featuring the word ‘chronological’

Insta users seem to be loving the comeback of the chronological feed.

‘Thank god I got chronological order back on my Instagram, finally something good in the world,’ wrote one user.

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Another user said ‘I am TIRED of interacting with people’s three-day-old posts.’


The news has been welcomed by many users on Twitter, with one joking that the update is ‘finally something good in the world’




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