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iPhone 15 Pro will be first Apple phone without a notch


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LeaksApplePro has claimed that Apple is making a lot of effort on the under-screen camera technology. With respect to the notch, there are speculations that the iPhone 15 Pro may be the first iPhone to delete this design.

Reports said, Apple initially planned to add an under-screen camera to the 13 Pro device. However, the under-screen camera technology is still very far from perfect. There is a lot of work to be done on this technology. Thus, Apple decided to postpone it for a few years for research.

Since the advent of iPhones, they either use a really thick top frame or use a notch design. The iPhone 15 Pro may be the first iPhone without any of these designs. However, Apple will not release this device until September next year.

As for the upcoming 14 series devices, there is no certainty with regard to its design. Most likely, the iPhone 14 series will continue the notch design of the iPhone 13 series.

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According to iDROPNEWS, after several conversations with relevant authorities, it can now be confirmed that Apple engineers will no longer develop the under-screen fingerprint recognition for the phone.

Apple now wants to take its time in the development of an under-screen camera. Although this feature is already commercial on Android, its performance is below par. Thus, Apple still has the opportunity to develop this technology and be a force to reckon with.

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