Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Journalists across country protest against ARY News’ unjust suspension, Ammad Yousuf arrest


Journalist community across the country have staged protests against the unjust suspension of ARY News’s transmission throughout the country and arrest of Head of ARY News Ammad Yousuf. 

According to details, Journalists community staged a protest outside Karachi Press Club against the unlawful suspension of ARY News’ transmission throughout the county and arrest of its News department Head Ammad Yousuf.

Ammad Yousaf lawyer, appeared before the court in the case of his arrest without a warrant from his residence in DHA.

Naeem Qureshi advocate, told the court that the police has arrested his client and Head of News of ARY News from his residence last night. “His production before the court being deferred with delaying tactics,” the counsel said.

“My client being kept in illegal custody, the police has yet to submit the FIR in the court,” he said.

“The court will question the police if it is exercising delaying tactics,” the Judge said. “You are Judicial Magistrate, you are empowered to bound the police,” Naeem Qureshi said. “We will see, why the police fail to submit the FIR,” the magistrate said before a break in the hearing.

Moreover, the Supreme Court of Pakistan and Lahore High Court (LHC) moved against the suspension of transmission of ARY NEWS.

The petition was filed by Advocate Azhar Siddique along with PFUJ President Shahzad Butt, ARY NEWS reporter and members of civil society before the Lahore registry of the apex court.

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The petition stated that two FIRs were registered on a similar complaint in Islamabad and Karachi against the decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. It further said that the CEO of ARY NEWS and administration has also been booked in the case while head of news Ammad Yousaf was arrested in the similar case.


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