Tuesday, September 28, 2021

WATCH: Karachi elderly man fights off dacoit, foils robbery bid


KARACHI: A brave elderly man foiled a robbery attempt in the Goll Market area of Nazimabad in Karachi on Friday, ARY News reported.

A closed-circuit video camera (CCTV) footage shows a robber entering the shop of a milk seller located at Nazimabad’s Goll Market behind his back.

However, the brave old man put up stiff resistance and snatched the pistol from the robber.

The milk seller tried to apprehend the robber but he managed to flee the scene. The old man also fired at the running robber, but he remained safe.

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Last month, a layman selling peanuts succumbed to bullet injuries he conceded while resisting an alleged robbery bid near Baldia Town’s Yousuf Goth.

According to details shared with the media, local police had said the incident took place near Yousuf Goth when the deceased victim resisted the robbery to which the suspected criminals opened fire that proved fatal for the peanuts-seller.

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