Monday, October 3, 2022

Another Karachi Zoo lion dies of ‘old age’


KARACHI: The second of the two lions, illegally brought to Karachi that were held in 2017 by Wild Life department and kept in Karachi Zoo enclosures, has died of ‘fatty heart’ according to its post mortem report Tuesday, ARY News reported.

Karachi Zoo director said the lion died of old age and that the average lifespan of a lion is 18 years normally.

The Wild Life department of Sindh with the help of District East officials captivated the two lions back in 2017 as they were brought into the city illegally. One of the two had died the later year of their fostering in the zoo, due to old age as well, the directed claimed.

According to the post mortem of the deceased lion today, the cause of death was the cardiac arrest due to heavy fat deposits on its heart.

READ: Lion pair in Lahore Zoo to be euthanized over health issues, decides admin

Earlier this month, the administration of the Lahore Zoo decided to euthanize a lion pair after it emerged that they were suffering from a terminal illness.

According to the announcement made by the zoo administration, the lion pair suffered from a terminal illness and had reached their maximum age limit.

The X-ray and ultrasound showed that the infection has completely covered the lungs of the male lion while it has also affected the lioness beyond cure.


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