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Lion pair in Lahore Zoo to be euthanized over health issues, decides admin

LAHORE: Administration of the Lahore Zoo has decided to euthanize a lion pair after it emerged that they were suffering from a terminal illness, ARY NEWS reported on Tuesday.

According to the announcement made by the zoo administration, the lion pair is suffering from a terminal illness and had reached their maximum age limit.

The X-ray and ultrasound showed that the infection has completely covered the lungs of the male lion while it has also affected the lioness beyond cure.

“Both of them are ill from the past several days and could not be treated or cured,” the administration said. “A tiger, bear and a zebra are also suffering from a crippling disease and a decision to euthanize them will be taken in the next meeting.”

In a report on February 15, the Lahore zoo management decided to euthanize an ailing tiger, brown bear, and zebra, saying that the three animals are suffering from ailments that can’t be cured, due to which this decision was made.

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Deputy Director Kiran Saleem said the tiger, Siam, has been suffering from polio since 2004 whereas the old bear has lost his sight while the female zebra is unable to stand or walk now.

She said the zoo management took every possible step to treat them but to no avail. The wildlife law permits the management to euthanise animals that are in a lot of pain due to some ailment that can’t be cured, she explained.



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