Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Leopard attacks, dismembers body of youngster


In a shocking incident, a 24-year-old man was attacked and dismembered by a Leopard after he went to answer nature’s call.

The incident occurred in Koppal district of India’s Karnataka state and the victim is being identified as Huligesh Doddeerappa, who worked as a temple worker besides also working at a cowshed.

According to local media reports, Huligesh had worked as the cook at the Adishakti Temple in the village for several years and had recently taken up the job at the cowshed, tending to the cows.

The incident occurred on the night of Wednesday when he had to return to his home from the cowshed. However, it did not happen and the family approached police out of concern for his safety.

The police who were also alerted of an attack by a leopard last month started their probe in a similar direction and were able to locate his dismembered body from outside a cave at the Anegundi Hill.

Detailing the horrific incident, the local police said that the leopard could have attacked him when he went to answer nature’s call.

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“We haven’t found any evidence to indicate that the leopard attacked him in the cowshed. Huligesh and many people in the village attend nature’s call near the foot of the hill. The leopard could have attacked him there,” SI Doddappa said.

Huligesh’s left limb is missing. The leopard has eaten parts of his torso, face and arms. His dismembered body was found lying near the cave, while his head was found near a pile of stones nearby.


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