Thursday, August 5, 2021

Faisalabad: House owner gets interim bail in maid torture case


FAISALABAD: The house owner Madiha has gotten the interim bail from a local court in Faisalabad in underage maid torture case after submission of Rs100,000 surety bond, ARY News reported on Saturday.

Police told the media that the additional sessions’ judge Zafar Iqbal approved the bail plea of the accused woman till June 17. It was learnt that the accused lady was a teacher at a private school in Faisalabad’s Eden Valley.

The underage maid, Erum, had been employed for performing different tasks at her residence and school against the salary of Rs8,000, added police.

maid torture case faisalabad house owner bail

Earlier on Friday, it emerged that an underage maid had been subjected to brutal torture by the house owner as her body parts were burnt off by the woman using hot iron, knife and bread tong in Faisalabad.

The 11-year-old maid named Erum had told her horrible experiences to the police officials which regarding the brutal torture she faced by the house owner, Madiha.

Police had said that Erum is a resident of Sahiwal who used to work as a housemaid at the residence of Madiha in Faisalabad’s Eden Valley. A case has been registered over the complaint of the Child Protection and Welfare Bureau (CPWB) officer at Madina Town police station under four sections including the children act.

maid torture case faisalabad house owner bail

The housemaid had said that Madiha used a hot iron to burn off her body parts after she wrongly pressed the clothes. She added that her parents were not aware of her situation of being tortured.

The CPWB officer had confirmed that they found burn marks on Erum’s body. The officer said that hot iron, knife and bread tong were used to burn off the body. Moreover, the house owner kept Erum in captivity and cut her hairs to humiliate her.

The medical examination of the underage girl was carried out and she will be taken to the court tomorrow, the officer said.

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