Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Man beats crocodile with frying pan; video goes viral


A man in Australia saved himself from a crocodile by hitting the creature with a frying pan and its video is going viral. 

Airborne Solutions Helicopter Tours’ viral video on Facebook sees the crocodile approaching the Kai Hansen with its jaws open in the Northern Territory region. The man started hitting it on the head with the kitchenware.

The sea creature was not expecting his plan to fail. It made its way back into the wild.

“Goat Island isn’t your average pub and King Kai isn’t your average publican!” the caption read. ” You just never know what he’ll serve up next 🍳🐊”

The nine-second video has more than at least 1.2 million views with 1,000 likes and 3,000 comments. Here’s what netizens had to say.

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“Well I know what I’m taking with me next time I’m out near the waters edge 😂😂” a netizen stated while another wrote, “That gator looking like “we were just friends last week now you hitting me with the pan …. Wooooow” 😂”

A third user added, That alligator said “he who fights and runs away live to fight another day” 😆🤣🤣”. 

Earlier, a TikTok video of a crocodile attacking a woman in Australia during filming is going viral across social media outlets.


The news report mentioned the lady was taking the video of a reptile’s that was close to her.

The crocodile then suddenly jumped from the water at the woman with its jaws open. It can be described as a scene straight out of a horror movie.

The crocodile went back into the water afterwards.


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