Monday, August 8, 2022

Man climbs mobile tower after fight with wife


In what appeared to be a domestic dispute taking a dangerous turn, a man climbed up a mobile tower after allegedly having a fight with his wife. However, he was lucky enough to be brought down from it without causing any harm to himself.    

The incident was reported in Moradabad district of the India’s Uttar Pradesh state where a man climbed up the mobile tower after a quarrel with his wife but was later brought down safely after being persuaded by the local authorities.

When asked as to why he took the extreme step, the man, later identified as Tejpal Singh, claimed that his wife was trying to frame him in false cases and the cops were also not listening to him.

“I am fed up with my wife as she is trying to frame me in false cases and police is also siding with her,” he  was quoted as saying in local media reports and added that he wanted to get rid of the relationship.

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The authorities later found that Tejpal Singh and his wife are both in their second marriage and the two apparently had an argument over something which led to Tejpal Singh climbing the tower.


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