Thursday, October 21, 2021

Man says he is living in house like the one in ‘The Conjuring’


A man from England says that he is living in a house that reminds him of that in the horror movie named “The Conjuring”.

Marc Wahlberg, a 49-year-old painter who lives in Greater Manchester with his 26-year-old son Zachary, said that a series of incidents relating to supernatural phenomenon has been taking place inside his home.

They believe that the situation is real and not like that in the horror flick. They claimed to have captured images of the happenings inside their homes.

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The house owner said that his three dogs were trying to let him know about strange noises coming from the spare room – which was not occupied by anyone – that he had for three years.

Marc Wahlberg mentioned that he had heard footsteps in his house as well.

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They decided to install cameras around the house after noticing things starting to move on their own.

“My son, Zachary, has a tendency to leave his keys by the door, but then they’ll end up in the middle of the kitchen floor,” he said while talking to the media. “These are heavy keys – they don’t just drop. You’ll hear the dogs barking, come downstairs and the keys are on the floor.”

He added that his son informed him of the strange smell from the room which was given to him but thought it was coming from the neighbour’s home.

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He further said that Zachary said that the smell was like that of a trash can which was wide open and used to cover it by burning perfumed candidates. He added that he did not believe in supernatural issues as he was a sceptic.

Marc Wahlberg added that his son had enough and decided to figure out the situation by capturing the images of the happenings on cameras.

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“It had a motion detector on it. When we saw what had triggered it to take pictures, we were thinking of everything we could to try and debunk it. We thought it surely must have been a fly going onto the lens or something.”

He added that the supernatural figure was seen beside and over the bed and there was no explanation for the situation that was happening.

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He added that they tried to find something but they could hardly find anything about it.

“We kept going back to questioning whether it was a fly, but I thought ‘You can see right through it, how can that cause a black shadow like that?'” he asked.

Marc Wahlberg said that his son does not get scared easily. He ruled out the flies factor by saying that his son had a disliking towards the flying insects and keeps the windows closed so they can’t enter the house.

“It reminds me of The Conjuring.”

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