Thursday, October 21, 2021

Paranormal investigators capture image of “ghostly figure” in building


Irish paranormal investigators stated that they have taken a picture of a ghostly creature while they were carrying out an investigation of a haunted building in County Mayo.

A foreign news agency mentioned in its article that the group named “Paranormal Supernatural Investigations Ireland” heard rumours about a haunted building and decided to check it out.

PSI explained the events on their Facebook page.

“When we arrive at every location we take pictures instantly as we believe whatever energy is there will either decide to stay or leave,” they wrote. “Overall the investigation started to get very stagnated as the night went on, but we felt at the beginning we were getting a lot of activity.

“We are not even nearly done with Moore Hall yet guys, lots more to come really soon.”

The place is a hotspot for tourists and a large number of people come there in daylight because of a park located next to it.

According to the report, the building belonged to an Irish author named George Moore. It was further mentioned that it was President of the Republic of Connacht John Moore’s ancestral home as well.


The building got destroyed due to a fire and was never restored.

George Moore claimed that it was cursed and moreover the King of Connaught, Drithliu lost his life here as well. It is now being said that Drithliu and Moore will not allow anyone to come to the place again.

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