Saturday, January 22, 2022

Sindh makes vaccine certificate mandatory to enter public spaces, OPDs


KARACHI: Ahead of the potential fourth Covid wave that is feared to rage across the province, the Sindh health ministry has Friday made it mandatory to furnish vaccine certificates for every individual in order to attend any public space including going for OPD and operations, ARY News reported.

The Sindh health director said people with no vaccine certificates will not be allowed OPD service or medical procedures.

Secondly, Dr. Irshad Ahmed Memon said the people without these certificates will not be allowed to appear for job interviews or tests. Their entry is also barred from attending weddings and dining in restaurants, according to the Sindh health department.

Dr Memon added that all government and private offices will make sure they check the vaccine certificates of the candidates before entertaining them.

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Separately from the national front today, As many as 16,660 healthcare workers have got infected while battling the COVID-19 pandemic in Pakistan.

According to sources at the Ministry of National Health, so far 9,960 doctors, 2,374 nurses and 4,326 other staff of hospitals have contracted the coronavirus.

While battling the deadly outbreak of COVID-19 in the country 164 healthcare workers have lost their lives, the sources said.


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