Thursday, July 29, 2021

‘Massive’ spider dwarfing police car caught on camera


A photo showing a massive spider dwarfing a police car went viral on social media, however, it is not what appears to be as it seems to be one of the camera tricks that led the people to compare it with some monster spider characters.      

The image was captured from a traffic police camera near a junction in Worcester, a city in US state of Massachusetts.

The creepy arachnid had crawled over a traffic camera on the M5 in Devon and when an officer used it to scan for a crash they got a pretty big shock.

Due to the perspective, the spider initially seems to be larger than the police car and looks as if it is crawling towards an unsuspecting officer who is laying traffic cones on the road.

But thankfully the spider, which was spotted between junctions seven and eight, near Worcester, is just regular-sized.

The Discovery of giant spiders has been reported previously, and in one such instance, a woman was left terrified after finding a giant spider lurking inside her gingerbread house that she bought from a supermarket in Australia.

Katie Gompertz bought a readymade gingerbread house from a local supermarket chain in Sydney on the eve of Christmas but she was left horrified when she found a massive spider inside the box.

In a Facebook post, she said, “This isn’t what I ordered?”

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