Monday, May 23, 2022

Medical report confirms gang rape of two girls in Lahore’s Gujjarpura


LAHORE: The medico-legal report to ascertain sexual assault allegations in Gujjarpura gang-rape case confirmed on Thursday the two girls were gang-raped, ARY News reported.

According to police, the DNA samples of the accused that were sent to the forensic lab have matched with those collected from victims.

On the other hand, the arrested factory owner named Nadeem today rejected the allegations of gang-raping two girls at his factory.

In his statement recorded to the police, he said that they hired two girls from Shahdara for the party to celebrate the birth of a son to his cousin Irfan.

“The girls were booked for Rs.15,000 for the party,” Nadeem said to the police. The accused further said that the girls raised rape allegations over them after an alleged disagreement over engaging them for more time against the fixed duration.


On Wednesday, it was reported that two girls were kidnapped from Lahore’s Shahdara area and were moved to Gujjarpura, where they were allegedly gang-raped.

The girls were gang-raped by three men in the Karol Khatti factory in Gujjarpura, the police said and added that the rapists, later fled the crime scene easily.

The police had said that the factory owner had been taken into custody, while raids were being carried out for the arrest of the rapists.


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