Thursday, October 21, 2021

Money Heist actress picks her favourite moment from the show


Money Heist actress Jennifer Miranda has spoken about her favourite moment from the crime-thriller show in a shout-out video for the fans.

Miranda played the role of Arantxe Arteche, a Spanish military officer, in Part 5 Volume 1 of the Netflix crime-thriller web show.

In the program, Arteche is seen beating mercilessly José Manuel Poga’s character César Gandía after the latter’s impulsiveness gets one of her squad members killed. She was stopped from killing him by her commander.

Jennifer Miranda said that it was her favourite moment of her stint in the show. She added that the moment was dedicated to the fans.

The actress said that the fans must have noticed her due to her comments on the post on the Twitter account.

Miranda further mentioned that she loves how big of a fan following the show and can not wait for them to see the events that will be taking part in the final.

Arteche’s fate in the show is undetermined as she was part of the military force that was targeted by Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) in the suicide bombing.

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The second and final volume of part five will see the conclusion of the show. It will air on December 3 on Netflix and the story will continue from where the show left off.

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