Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Monkeys killed 250 dogs for revenge in this town; here’s why


A troop of monkeys in India have killed more than 200 puppies after one of its infants reportedly got killed by a pack of dogs.

An Indian news agency reported that the baffling incidents are taking place in the Majalgaon town of the Breed district in the state of Maharashtra.

It was reported that the monkeys see the pups, take them to considerable heights before throwing them off buildings and treetops.

At least 250 pups have reportedly been killed in the past few months.

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According to the news agency, there is not a single pup left in the Lavool village, which is located 10 kilometres away from the Majalgaon town.

The locals knocked on the forest department’s door for getting the matter resolved. However, the animal catchers have not been able to catch a single one.

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The villagers are thinking that the infant’s killing is being avenged.

The monkeys then began to attack villagers who came forward to the pups. Several people have been injured after falling from buildings.

The situation has got even more alarming as the monkeys have now started to attack small and school-going children as well.


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