Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Nanbais threaten to hike roti prices


LAHORE: Nanbais in Lahore city have threatened to increase the price of Roti and Naan (bread) if the government did not reduce the prices of wheat flour, ARY News reported.

According to details, the Nanbais association summoned an emergency meeting on Thursday and threatened to increase the price of bread.

In a statement, President of Nanbais association Aftab Zai noted that the price of 15kg wheat bag has increased from Rs1,400 to Rs1,775. Meanwhile, a bag of fine flour has increased from Rs8,500 to 9,500.

He threatened the government to take notice of the price hike, otherwise, the price of Roti and Naan will be increased.

Earlier in October, the district administration of Lahore increased the price of Naan and roti, after their negotiations with Nanbais.

According to details, the district administration of Lahore held negotiations with the tandoor owners association and announced to increase in the price of Naan to Rs22 and roti to Rs14.

Prior to the decision, the price of naan was Rs20 and roti was sold at Rs13 per piece.

Two weeks ago, owners unilaterally announced to increase prices of bread, prompting the district administration to warn them of action against such price-hike.

The Muttahida Naan-Roti Association announced to sell roti for Rs15, an Rs3 increase from the previous rate of Rs12, and naan for Rs25, an Rs5 hike from its earlier rate of Rs20 per unit.

The association’s vice president Waheed Abbasi had said that the district administration failed to control the prices of wheat, flour and other grain products.


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