Saturday, August 13, 2022

New military gadget Camero Xaver 100 tech will let people see through walls!


A tech firm has created a device Camero Xaver 100 that will let people see through walls! yes, you heard that right, SEE THROUGH WALLS!. 

The technology named Camero Xaver 100 Tactical can be termed a privacy nightmare or a military dream.

According to Insider, the astonishing tech has been created by an Israeli startup Camer-Tech, which claims to have built a radar system that will let people see through walls.

Camero Xaver 1000 is a futuristic gadget designed to give soldiers “an unprecedented situational awareness 3D visual picture,” the company website says. They claim that Camero-tech has the ability to detect “live objects,” whether they’re static or dynamic, behind “walls and building obstacles.”

The company argues that the tech would assist hugely in rescue and search operations, accidents and natural disasters, while some are sceptical that the device could an aggressor an unfair advantage in case of a war.

The device may not get good reception if it is weaponised to kill. The company states that its see-through device “can penetrate through most common walls and materials” including cement and concrete within a radius of 137 feet.

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The device sends data to HQ via wifi, which is then displayed on a ten-inch screen, showing objects behind the wall. The tech can even tell users if the person behind a wall is an adult, a child, or an animal; and whether they’re standing or sitting.

The device weighs 16 kgs (36 pounds) and is supported by a foldable antenna, meaning it may be used in any environment.


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