Thursday, October 6, 2022

Negligence in Nimrita murder case, DNA report shows complicity


LARKANA: Alleged murder of medical student Nimrita Kumari has faced another hurdle when it was revealed that the DNA tests were not possible due to the delay in getting the samples to the lab, ARY News reported on Sunday.

A report on the tests ran on the veil found alongside the slain students body told that the sampling should’ve been done within 72 hours of the incident, as the incident and the evidence were now almost a month old, running forensics was no longer a possibility.

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The report was submitted by the Director General of Forensic Lab of Lahore, the report read that no samples of blood or tissue could be recovered from the veil allegedly used by Nimrita to hang herself or was forced to hang from or strangled with.

Forensic experts also entailed that the slain student’s body before being taken for her final rights should’ve had her nails removed during post-mortem for a proper forensic examination.

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The experts claimed that nails could’ve played a vital role in solving the mystery around the alleged murder.

The veil draped around Nimrita’s neck was sent a week after the body was recovered, the final report by the Lahore forensic lab has been submitted to the judicial inquiry commission probing the case.


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